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Connie Tresedder

Connie is a Spirit-led coach, a #1 Amazon best-selling author, a speaker, teacher, and trainer. She helps mature Christians remove barriers and blind spots so they can be activated into the next new thing God has for them. Anything blocking your vision from coming to pass will be dismantled. Get ready to step into your "overflow." 



Connie is a wife and mother of 3 young adults. She has been a college educator for over 20 years inspiring her students to believe in themselves and discover their true purpose. She has led Jr. Church, Youth Groups for H.S. and College students, as well as multiple women's groups. 

Connie is passionate about helping people rewire their brains for success and abundance for Kingdom purposes. 

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The One Thing You Are Not Doing To Bring Your Vision Into Reality 

- Written by Connie Tresedder 

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  • The one thing you are not doing, or can do better
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What People Are Saying:

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Carrie Robaina

"There is no other way to say it than Connie has a gift! Not only for coaching but also for helping her clients take the necessary steps toward walking in freedom. Her thoroughness helped me to uncover root issues that I was unaware of, but that had been weighing me down for years. Connie's ability to listen to the Holy Spirit sets her apart. She has helped me tremendously and I highly recommend her!"

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Audrey Lundy Hutchinson


"The difference Connie has made in my life is astounding. I didn’t realize that seemingly small things that have happened in the course of my life, were making me believe lies. Replacing these lies with truth has led me to feel so free and empowered to press on in my race! Connie helped me to create space in my life to allow me to get clear on what I needed to work on and where I want to go! 

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April Bellmore


"Connie has been an instrument in my mental, emotional and spiritual growth. She has helped me recognize lies and fears that were holding me back and replace them with truths that have empowered my progress forward to a life now full of joy, peace, and strength. I highly recommend Connie as a life coach and/or speaker and believe it will produce great fruit in people’s lives."

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