You Can Choose a Higher Perspective

Have you ever looked at something and not been able to figure out what you see? Your brain is "seeing" something different than your eyes. When you finally see it properly it seems ridiculous to explain to someone what you thought you saw. Am I the only one?

Perspective is a powerful thing and our mind is involved in how we "see" things. Our past experiences affect the way we "see" different situations. The thing is each of us looks at life through our own unique perspective. 

When I speak to groups about perspective I often compare it to the game of tennis. If the ball lands on any tiny bit of the line it is considered "in." The majority of the ball could be outside of the line but it could still be "in." That is why in professional tennis tournaments you will see many line judges. To really assess if any part of the ball touches the line you need to be looking straight down the line. You cannot tell with accuracy if a ball is in or not from across the court. But when you are looking right down the line, you have a good perspective.

Even with this good perspective line judges still, make mistakes.  That is why there is a chair umpire for the match. The chair umpire can overrule a line judge's call. The umpire sits up high in a chair so they can view the entire court. Their higher view can give them an even better perspective.

Are there things in your life where you need to consider someone else's perspective? You may not agree with them but you can avoid being offended if you realize they are looking down their line and you are looking down yours. You may be looking at the same court (or situation) from different life experiences, different personality types, and different goals. Sometimes one person isn't right and the other wrong. They simply have different perspectives. Realizing this can save a lot of unnecessary stress.

There are other times when you may not understand why something is happening in your life. You feel like you are looking straight down the line and seeing things clearly. Just know there is a "higher perspective" and this is a better view than even from the chair umpire's seat. God sees things we do not. God knows what is right around the corner. God has our best interests at heart.

This doesn't mean you just give up and let anything happen. You should search God's Word and find promises that pertain to your situation. Speak these promises out and use your faith to see from a higher perspective. The Bible says to call those things which be not as if they were. 

Just because you didn't get that job you wanted, doesn't mean God doesn't have a better one for you. Just because you see and feel things, doesn't mean it is going to stay that way. Faith is believing in something before you see it. We can choose our perspective. I've been living this way for decades and I would never go back. 

Someone recently described me as not only seeing things as though the glass is "half full" but seeing the glass "always full." That is a great compliment. It does take some brain re-wiring and diligence to choose to stay positive. But when I remember how much God loves me, this is easier. The more I learn about God's true character, it is easier. The best way to do this is to get into His Word for yourself. I will include some scriptures you can look up or google. Please take the time to do this. 

Choose your perspective carefully. Realizing there is a higher perspective is the first step.

Isaiah 41:10

Philippians 4:8

Romans 8:38,39

Romans 10:9,10

Psalm 91:10,11

Psalm 56:11


Ephesians 2:4,5





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