Staying Busy and Productive isn't the Same as Walking in Your Purpose

          A major roadblock for many people, when stepping into their purpose, is comparison and feeling “less than”. You may have some idea of how God would like to use you but you get stuck when you start comparing yourself to others. Satan loves to see this happen. If the enemy isn’t bringing comparisons to mind, he will bring all your shortcomings to mind. Often this is done with such subtlety that we don’t recognize we’ve let doubt creep in the back door. When it comes to our calling or when God is asking us to step out into something new, the enemy can often slide in undetected. The thoughts and doubts may just be fleeting, but they are enough to get us “stuck”.

          You may stay busy doing this and that. You may even be doing some things for the Lord but keep wondering why you aren’t getting the other things done. You may be keeping yourself busy because you have unknowingly agreed with the lies of the enemy. “You aren’t ready. You aren’t really qualified enough. You really don’t have the skills like so-and-so. You can’t make a difference”. You stay busy but really you are just spinning your wheels instead of stepping out of your comfort zone into what God wants you to do.

          I am always drawn to the story of Peter when he stepped out of the boat and began to walk on water.

Matthew 14:22-30a (The Message Bible)

22-23 As soon as the meal was finished, he insisted that the disciples get in the boat and go on ahead to the other side while he dismissed the people. With the crowd dispersed, he climbed the mountain so he could be by himself and pray. He stayed there alone, late into the night.

24-26 Meanwhile, the boat was far out to sea when the wind came up against them and they were battered by the waves. At about four o’clock in the morning, Jesus came toward them walking on the water. They were scared out of their wits. “A ghost!” they said, crying out in terror.

27 But Jesus was quick to comfort them. “Courage, it’s me. Don’t be afraid.”

28 Peter, suddenly bold, said, “Master, if it’s really you, call me to come to you on the water.”

29-30 He said, “Come ahead.”

Jumping out of the boat, Peter walked on the water to Jesus.

Peter could have stayed in the boat and praised God. He could have preached to his friends in the boat with him about the goodness of God. He could have kept himself busy doing helpful things while staying in the boat.  But to really experience the grace and power of God, he needed to step out of the boat into what looked impossible. Just think of the experience he would have missed had he stayed in the boat.

            Do not let the lie of comparison keep you in the boat. Don’t let the enemy’s accusations that you aren’t ready keep you in the boat. Don’t let the confusion of staying busy keep you in the boat. Just because you are spending your time doing something helpful it does not mean you are walking in your purpose. God may have someone else for those jobs. He is waiting for you to muster up the courage like Peter to step over the edge of the boat. There is no doubt he will be there to save you, if need be, just like he was there for Peter.

            28 Peter, suddenly bold, said, “Master, if it’s really you, call me to come to you on the water.”

29-30 He said, “Come ahead.”

Jumping out of the boat, Peter walked on the water to Jesus. But when he looked down at the waves churning beneath his feet, he lost his nerve and started to sink. He cried, “Master, save me!”

31 Jesus didn’t hesitate. He reached down and grabbed his hand. Then he said, “Faint-heart, what got into you?”

32-33 The two of them climbed into the boat, and the wind died down. The disciples in the boat, having watched the whole thing, worshiped Jesus, saying, “This is it! You are God’s Son for sure!”


          In verse 31 it says that Jesus didn’t hesitate to reach for Peter and save him. Knowing that Jesus didn’t hesitate makes me think he didn’t judge Peter. He just loved him. Even when Jesus says, “Faint-heart, what got into you?” I imagine Jesus saying this in a loving tone of voice with a smile on his face like, “Oh Peter, why did you doubt? Why did you let go of your faith? We were having an amazing experience, weren’t we? I was having fun watching you walk on water.” This is much different than if you imagine Jesus saying the same words but in a condemning tone of voice. I have no way to prove this, but I know that Jesus never condemns me when I make a mistake. He corrects me ever so gently and always in love.

John 3:17 New International Version (NIV)

17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

          My prayer is to have this same heart toward people; to love, have compassion and not hesitate to save someone who needs it.

            I desire to be like Peter and step out of the boat. I may not be able to see the whole way mapped out, but I know I can trust God to take me just one step at a time. I love the excitement and adventurous spirit of Peter. Just moments before, he and his friends were afraid for their lives. Talk about being able to shift gears quickly. Instead of taking the time to scold Jesus for scaring him with, “Jesus, you frightened me so badly. Why would you do that? I thought my heart was going to leap out of my chest. I thought you were a ghost. Don’t you know how freaked out I am by ghosts?” No, Peter just said, “Jesus, if it’s you, tell me to come on the water.”

            He trusted Jesus so much. I want to choose to trust God every day like that. I want to wake up in the morning and say, “Jesus, let’s go water-walking today. Want to? Should we?” I want to have that excitement and enthusiasm. I want to get to the place where I would never dream of staying safely in the boat, let alone strapped in with a life jacket firmly in place. I don’t want to miss out on the adventure God has for me each day, and I certainly don’t want to be busy doing things that are in line with someone else’s purpose. God has created me to be a difference maker for such a time as this. This goes for you, as well!


(This is an excerpt from Connie's upcoming ebook, Unlock Your Purpose; Become the Difference Maker You were Created to Be)

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