Staying Busy and Productive isn't the Same as Walking in Your Purpose

          A major roadblock for many people, when stepping into their purpose, is comparison and feeling “less than”. You may have some idea of how God would like to use you but you get stuck when you start comparing yourself to others. Satan loves to see this happen. If the enemy isn’t bringing comparisons to mind, he will bring all your shortcomings to mind. Often this is done with such subtlety that we don’t recognize we’ve let doubt creep in the back door. When it comes to our calling or when God is asking us to step out into something new, the enemy can often slide in undetected. The thoughts and doubts may just be fleeting, but they are enough to get us “stuck”.

          You may stay busy doing this and that. You may even be doing some things for the Lord but keep wondering why you aren’t getting the other things done. You may be keeping yourself busy because you have unknowingly...

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