One Easy Tip to Reduce Stress

Imagine being “snapped at” by a co-worker seemingly out of nowhere. How do you react? It certainly is not a pleasant experience when that happens. What you may not have seen is the 9 people who have already approached this person today complaining or bringing a problem to them that needed solving.  You have no way of knowing that they are at work with a splitting headache while receiving angry texts from their teenager because they forgot to sign a permission slip this morning.

Maybe you are the person who “snapped” at a co-worker and are now full of regret. Stress comes in many forms and no one is totally immune. The problem in this scenario is that your co-worker has no idea of your stress level. They may begin to avoid you because they assume you do not like them or that you don’t want to help them.

Obviously, stress can cause problems in relationships, not only at work but in every single relationship. This is only one thing that should...

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What IF the Grass is Actually Greener?

We have had so many issues with our lawn over the years, it’s almost comical. When we lived in a small home, on a tree-lined street, we had trouble growing grass in the front yard. The large maple trees provided so much shade and the roots proceeded out so far that there was no topsoil for growing grass. In the small backyard, we always had our own children and neighborhood children running around. I remember telling my husband, “This is all that matters right now. We will have plenty of years when we can have perfect grass.”

Maybe that promise set my husband up for frustration. When our children were a little older, we moved to a new home and what my husband thought would be his chance for that “perfect grass.” The first problem we encountered, was that we had sandy soil and there had not been enough topsoil brought in. The roots never got deep enough so our grass was always “hit or miss.”

One spring our grass was looking quite healthy, and...

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